Pruvit Popsicle Recipe | Made With Pure Therapeutic Ketones!

Your family will love this red, white, and blue keto-friendly Pruvit Popsicle recipe!

We’ve all seen the famous red, white, and blue Bomb Pop or Firecracker popsicles in the freezer isle of our local supermarket. Kids love these multicolored popsicles, but they aren’t the healthiest freezer treats, being loaded with sugar.

bomb pop - firecracker popsicle

Now you can make healthy and colorful keto popsicles with the help of 3 Pruvit products; KETO//OS Max Maui Punch (RED), KETO//OS Max Splash (WHITE), KETO//OS Unleashed Blue Ocean (BLUE). The flavors are fruit punch, grapefruit watermelon, and pina colada!

Pruvit Popsicle Recipe – Red, White, and Blue



  1. Mix 12oz water with Maui Punch
  2. Pour evenly into popsicle molds
  3. Freeze for 2-3 hours, until solid
  4. Mix 12oz water with Splash
  5. Pour evenly over frozen Maui Punch layer
  6. Freeze for 2-3 hours, until solid
  7. Mix 12oz water with Blue Ocean
  8. Pour evenly over Splash layer
  9. Insert popsicle stick (you may need to carve out the middle layer a bit to get the popsicle stick to stay in place.
  10. Freeze 2-3 hours, until solid
  11. Run under warm water briefly to remove popsicle mold
  12. Enjoy!

If you’ve enjoyed this Pruvit popsicle recipe, check out the Pruvit online store for more delicious keto flavors!

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