21 Day Keto Reset Diet vs 60 Hour Keto Reboot

With the popular trend in ketogenic dieting and keto supplementation in recent years, several ketogenic diets have arisen that claim to help put your body into a state of ketosis. One of the most popular of these diets is called the 21 Day Keto Reset Diet.

The 21 Day Keto Reset Diet comes in several variations created by different authors, nutritionists, and fitness experts. We are going to go over the most popular version authored by Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns. Then we’ll compare the diet to the 60 Hour Keto Reboot, go over the pros and cons of each, and explain which of these two keto diet programs we recommend overall.

The 21 Day Keto Reset Diet

In The Keto Reset Diet, the authors draw a poignant parallel between the human body and a high performance car. Fueling our bodies with a diet high in carbohydrates, as opposed to a diet high in fat, does the same to our bodies as fueling a race car with low octane gasoline does to the car’s motor. Because we are not naturally adapted to inferior fuel (sugar and carbs), our performance will eventually decline. And our body, or the “car’s motor,” will suffer substantial damage.

The Keto Reset Diet explains the science behind the keto diet and shows how you can lose weight, prevent diabetes and cancer, improve cognitive performance and athletic endurance. The 21 day diet plan is designed to ease the reader into the optimal form of fueling the body. There are 100 recipes at the end of the book to provide the reader with a lot of ideas on how to continue eating habits after the initial 21 day phase.

The 21 Day Keto Reset Diet lists for $27.99 via major book retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ect.


  • Daily meal plan with 100 keto-friendly recipes.
  • Step by step directions throughout the 21 day phase.
  • Describes the basics of the ketogenic diet so that a beginner can understand.
  • Facebook group to interact with others who are also on the diet.


  • No direct coaching. If you have a specific question, you’ll have to search for the answer yourself, or hope someone in the Facebook group will help.
  • No clear plan of action after the 21 days is completed. The book recommends continuing the diet for another 6 weeks with no details given?
  • Lots of unnecessary information written just to make the book longer. It takes two chapters just to talk about how to move on to the “next step” where the diet actually begins.
  • Costs can add up to several hundred dollars based on what other products the authors recommend to purchase during the diet.

60 Hour Keto Reboot + Optimization

The Keto Reboot by Pruvit is designed to reboot the human operating system in just 60 hours with continued optimization. The reboot will help reset your metabolism by reprogramming your body’s system to run on fat for fuel. By completing a 60 hour reboot, you engage your body to use fat as an energy source while gradually shifting into keto adaptation.

The Keto Reboot uses several ketone supplements in place of caloric food nutrients over a 60 hour period. This not only makes it easier to fast for the full 60 hours, it also gives your body nutrients and pure ketone energy while still enjoying the benefits of fasting.

The products included in the Keto Reboot kit are: Keto KALM Tea, Better BROTH Bone Broth, Keto OS NAT, and Signal OS capsules. Each of these products has a unique benefit and purpose and are taken in a certain order to help optimize your body and mind.

The 60 Hour Keto Reboot retails for $79.00, and can be purchased via the Pruvit Online Store.


  • Comes with variety of ketone supplements designed to help make dieting easier, while still getting the benefits of fasting.
  • Pruvit offers a Keto Reboot Facebook community with nutrition and fitness professionals for 24/7 coaching, support, and accountability.
  • Quickly reset your metabolism within a short time period of just 60 hours.
  • The program includes a 20 page Keto Reboot User Guide that is very easy to follow and includes daily exercises, tips, and a keto-friendly food guide.
  • The Keto Reboot offers a continued Keto Optimization Program to follow after the initial 60 hour fast, so you aren’t left wondering what to do next.


  • No comprehensive list of keto recipes. Although a quick google search will yield plenty of free content.
  • Higher level of commitment in shorter time span. Which can also be seen as an advantage if time is of the essence.

So Which Keto Diet Program is Best?

As pointed out, both the 21 Day Keto Reset and the 60 Hour Keto Reboot have their pros and cons. However, there are a few key points I’d like to expand upon on why I would ultimately recommend Pruvit’s Keto Reboot.

  • The Keto Reboot already comes with ketone supplements built into the cost of the program. The 21 Day Keto Reset suggests purchasing various supplements throughout the book, which I consider hidden costs that can add up to be quite expensive.
  • The Keto Reboot starts off with a 60 hour fast. Research studies have proven the benefits that fasting has on the immune system, and crucial role it plays in repairing your body and optimizing your health.
  • The Facebook community WITH coaching support is a nice addition. That extra help, education, and ability to interact has shown to be a big part in helping to succeed in becoming keto adapted. Statistics show that those who try eating and living a ketogenic lifestyle have a higher success rate when done with a partner or community to help keep them accountable.

In Conclusion

When changing your entire lifestyle, simplicity is key to success. If you are a beginner to the ketogenic regimen, then starting with a 60 hour fast will be more reachable than an entire 21 day program for getting your body into a fat burning state of ketosis. Plus, the Keto Reboot feels more like a complete package. The keto supplements, user guide, community, and coaching support, are all there to help.

Ultimately what you need to ask yourself before you decide which approach to take is; how quickly do I want to become keto adapted?

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Pruvit products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This review is based on our personal findings of the 60 Hour Keto Reboot Program and the 21 Day Keto Reset Diet.


It seems this comparison is a bit biased. You say that the 21 Day diet doesn’t give you anything after the 21 days are up and that during the 21 days you have to buy supplements that can add hundreds of dollars. With the Reboot what happens after the 60 hours is over? There is still another 18 and a 1/2 days left to match 21 Day Diet. In that time, if you subscribe to the Pruvit products, you will also spend a lot of money on the ketone supplements. I am no saying one is better than the other, i’m just pointing out that you are leaving out key points to really help someone make a learned choice.

Hi Patricia, thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. We will readily admit that this comparison is biased, as the purpose of our review was to show which keto diet program we think is overall the most effective for us, and our recommendation to others looking to begin the keto lifestyle.

As mentioned, the Pruvit 60 Hour Keto Reboot Program has everything, including the supplements, built directly into the cost. The 21 Day Keto Reset Diet does not. This can be a big surprise to the person that purchases the book, to find out later that they now must purchase all of these other recommended supplements in order to optimize the 21 day diet. I call that not being completely transparent, and upselling the reader right after they just paid for the book.

And while you are correct that after the 60 Hour Keto Reboot is completed, it is recommended to purchase and continue to take Pruvit’s ketone products. However, they are not required in order to continue into the optimization phase. The Keto Optimization Guide that follows the 60 Hour Keto Reboot is free to use, so the buyer is not incurring a hidden cost that they don’t know about. The optimization guide contains 8 unique keto “quests” the user can follow, in which 7 of the quests have nothing to do with taking supplements. You can read more about these quests, and download the Keto Optimization guide here… http://ketoelevated.com/keto-reboot-optimization-beyond-60-hour-cleanse/

As pointed out in the above article, these diets are very different in their approach to becoming keto adapted. The extra 18 1/2 days the Keto Reset Diet has over the 60 Hour Keto Reboot has no relevance on the effectiveness of the Keto Reboot. It is not meant to “match” day for day. Which is why the 60 Hour Keto Reboot diet is so great in our opinion. No dragging out the diet over 21 days in order to become keto adapted into a fat-burning state of ketosis.

We feel it’s better and more attainable for most people to quickly burn off glycogen stores with the aid of ketone supplements over a short period of time, rather than taking the slow and steady road to ketosis. Which leaves more time to fall of the wagon and back into old habits. Seeing results in a shorter period of time can really boost confidence, especially for those new to the ketogenic lifestyle.

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