Pruvit Lab Upgraded To A Technologically Advanced Facility

With the massive growth that Pruvit continues to experience, it is now time for the company to upgrade both the Pruvit Lab and Shipping facility to keep up with demand.

The new Pruvit Lab will be able to meet the tremendous demand as Pruvit continues to grow month over month. The facility will now be able to produce over 30 percent more product annually!

The facility will house two departments; shipping in the warehouse and product testing/development done in the lab. This will allow the Pruvit ninjas to optimize testing to make sure the quality of ketones are at their peak, as well as maximize shipping times to the homes of happy customers.

And with such a long list of great Pruvit products, such as; Keto OS NAT, Keto KREME, MCT//143, Better BROTH, and Keto KALM, the added space will welcome in new products coming later this year.

Pruvit Lab - Video Tour

Participants of the upcoming Keto//Kademy + MORE events in Dallas, TX, this September, will get the opportunity to take a tour of the new lab and get a sneak peek at what’s going on behind the scenes. Get your Keto//Kademy + MORE tickets here.

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