Pruvit 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge – Get Started Today!

The Pruvit 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge is designed to give your body and mind the experience of ketosis by simply drinking ketones.

How would you like to be able to enjoy the benefits of being in ketosis without the stress of following a strict ketogenic diet? NOW YOU CAN! Drinking ketones gives you the benefits of ketosis even if you aren’t following a strict ketogenic diet.

This is accomplished by taking an exogenous ketone supplement from Pruvit called, Keto OS NAT, which will put your body into a state of ketosis in under 30 minutes!

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But first, for those who are new to keto, let us explain ketosis…

Ketosis Explained

Ketosis through the keto diet is achieved through eating low-carbohydrate and high-fat foods, which create a shift in your body’s main source of energy. The body, in the absence of sufficient carbohydrates as fuel (glucose), will deplete glycogen stores in the body, which by then the main source of energy will become the burning of body fat being metabolized through the liver. This metabolic process results in ketone bodies (ketones) that will distribute as a nutrient to the brain, muscles, and other organs. It will have caused your body to enter a state of ketosis where now fat metabolism is the primary source of fuel.

However… keeping your body in a state of ketosis can be difficult.

But not anymore! Now you can simply drink ketones and enjoy many of the benefits of nutritional ketosis.

Benefits of Ketosis

✅ Fat loss
✅ Higher and sustained energy
✅ Appetite reduction
✅ Strength gain
✅ Focus and mental clarity
✅ Improvements in sleep
✅ Better mood
✅ Better digestion
✅ and much more…

Drink Ketones Challenge Products

Each 10 Day Challenge Pack comes with a variety of 20 servings of Keto OS NAT AND free coaching and support!

KETO//OS NAT will provide your body with the pure therapeutic ketones it requires to put your body into instant ketosis, and you’ll be able to take advantage of coaching and support to maximize your 10 day experience.

pruvit drink ketones challenge products

The Challenge Schedule

  • Morning (upon waking): Take one packet of caffeine (charged) KETO//OS NAT.
  • Lunch: Eat a low-carb meal.
  • Mid-afternoon: Take one packet of caffeine-free KETO//OS NAT.
  • Dinner: Eat another low-carb meal, if you are hungry.

Repeat for 10 days, that’s it!

Tools and Resources

When you purchase your Pruvit 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge Pack you’ll get tools, resources, and the education needed to help you optimize your 10 day experience. Here are just a few details on what you’ll get…

  • The complete recipe and lifestyle Challenge Guide
  • Facebook Group access with videos on how to maximize your 10 Day Challenge
  • Each day you will get an email with helpful information from Challenge coach experts
  • Weekly calls and community accountability
  • Access to exclusive discounts on more Pruvit keto products!


Ketones Challenge

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But WAIT! There is MORE…

Upgrade to the 8 Week Drink Ketones Challenge!


Once you have purchased and completed your 10 Day Challenge, simply setup a SmartShip order of any Pruvit product and you’ll automatically unlock the extended 8 Week Challenge program.

Pruvit 8 Week Drink Ketones Challenge

Those who are looking for more transformation and optimization will be excited to take part in the 8 Week Drink Ketones Challenge.

This 8 Week program offers a great way to carry your 10 Day Challenge Pack into full optimization. You’ll get Celebrity Coaching, Digital Hack Guides, Weekly Live Zooms, Exclusive Prizes and more!

Check Out These Common Keto Myths

1) Keto and ketone technology is only for fat loss.

A ketogenic diet and Pruvit’s Pure Therapeutic Ketones SHIFT the body into a fat burning state of ketosis. As fat is burned to fuel the body, fat loss can occur. However, a number of other health benefits occur including an increase in energy, mental clarity and focus, endurance, as well as better sleep and mood. Everyone can benefit!

2) There is too much sodium in ketone supplements.

KETO//OS was specially formulated with an increased salt concentration to balance any sodium and minerals lost through ketone supplementation.

3) I have to be on a ketogenic diet to use ketone supplements.

While the Ketogenic Diet can have great health benefits, you are not required to diet in order to benefit from Pruvit technology with Pure Therapeutic Ketones. By simply adding these exogenous ketones to your regular diet, you will reach a state of ketosis in one hour or less and experience improved energy, focus, fat loss, and MORE.

4) Ketosis is unsustainable.

Reaching a state of nutritional ketosis through the Ketogenic Diet and exercise alone is extremely difficult to achieve and maintain. However, through supplementation of Pure Therapeutic Ketones, ketosis can be reached in one hour or less, and be maintained through extended use of Pruvit’s various technology.

5) Keto will cause muscle loss.

The common belief that you need carbohydrates to build/maintain muscle is false. Ketosis, through diet or supplementation, can preserve and help build muscle, as it burn fat for fuel, instead of carbohydrates. In addition, exogenous ketones aid muscle health as they benefit repair and recovery after a workout, and are naturally both anabolic and anti-catabolic, meaning they can assist in building muscle, while still burning fat.


Can I mix a Nat charged pkg into my morning protein shake, which is whey protein and almond milk or water. Thank you

I ordered and received the 10 day challenge as well a the reboot system. What should I start with? Should I complete the 10 day challenge and then start the reboot system? Or start with the reboot and then follow up with the 10 day challenge?

Hi, I understand why there is sodium in it, but because of a health condition, I need to know how much sodium is in each packet?
Thank you, Cami

Hello, My 10 day challenge just arrived today. Myself and my husband will be doing the 10 day challenge together.
My question is – can someone please tell me the equivalent to the caffeine in each caffeinated package? I am still nursing my baby and would like to know the caffeine content.
Thank You!

Hi Kara, we can’t answer questions on our site regarding medications. You’ll have to speak with your healthcare provider. In regards to diabetics, in general, taking ketones… it’s important that first the person has their condition under control. As well, the person will want to make sure to properly monitor glucose and ketone levels regularly.

Just received my 10 Day Challenge box. I haven’t a clue as to how much water I mix it with. If I’m to watch my salt intake, is this product high in sodium content ? Thx

Most people mix about 12-16 ounces of water depending on how sweet you like it. Add more water to make it less sweet. Also it tastes great shaken with ice. Yes, NAT has sodium but that is because some salts are lost during ketone supplementation. The sodium in the product helps to regulate that.

When you purchase and complete the 10 day challenge you get access to the 8 week challenge to extend your ketone journey. You should have gotten and email with the details. You can access at but you many be asked to login to your Pruvit account.


I just received my 10 day challenge package (I put you as my referrer) and I have been trying to get my questions answered for last 2 weeks. No one from Prüvit responded.

*I am sensitive to caffeine-I wanted to get this challenge in all non-caffeinated packets-guess its too late now.

*What is a month’s supply? How much does that cost? On ordering this, it says smartship your monthly but how 20 sachets are a month’s supply?

*I have been on Keto diet for more than 2 months now. I supplement magnesium (Min 300mg) at night / potassium (Min 3000mg) in food and remaining with salt substitute / sodium (Min 5000mg) in food and remaining with sole water-saturated pink salt water.
Do I continue to supplement like this during my 10 days challenge?

I would be waiting on your response before starting this challenge. Thank you in advance.


Hi Jessie, thanks for your support and for reaching out!
1. It’s not possible to get all non caffeinated packs at this time.
2. Generally people will start with 1 pack a day and some will take up to 2 packs a day. It depends on each person on how the ketones affect them. Right now there is a 40% off discount on a 3 box pack. As well, if you are on smartship you will save 22% off each month on your order, and Pruvit will send you a free box of product every 4th month you stay on smartship. You can learn more about smartship here…
3. Yes, you can continue the supplements. In fact, it’s recommended, as taking exogenous ketones can strip your body of these essential electrolytes.

Anymore questions, feel free to ask!

I just purchased the 10 day ketone challenge pack. After the 10 days, should I drink or take any additional ketone supplements to maintain?

Yes, once you complete the 10 days you’ll also be given access to the 8 week challenge, which includes the continued use of ketones. Check out for more info on this.

question, Can you put your OS Am in a plant based shake, take the capsul appart and dump it in the mixture, blend it and drink it like that ? and it be safe?? I can not swallow huge capsuls such as these due to a asophagus problem in choking on the smallest of pills. And also do the same with the PM OS. ??? I want to use this product so it does not go to waist yet i need to know if it would be harmful .

What are the differences in the 10 day drink ketones challenge and the 10 day challenge that was available in September?

The concept of drinking ketones daily is the same, however, that was just a prototype where they offered more of a variety of products. That evolved into a more simple 10 day ketones challenge that focuses on the flagship product, KetoOS NAT.

Thank you for the response. That clears things up a little. Can you tell me how you use the signal/OS supplements in the prototype. I’m trying to use what I ordered before going to the next challenge. Thank you.

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