Pruvit Smartship Now Includes Big Discounts & FREE Product!

Today, Pruvit has revamped their SmartShip program to include bigger discounts, as well as FREE product for those who stay on SmartShip longer.

What is SmartShip?

“Dear Customers and Promoters, We are excited to bring you the following enhancements to our Pruvit SmartShip Program which are designed to reward our loyal Smartship customers with the best value on Pruvit products. This is just the beginning and we look forward to rolling out more exclusive SmartShip benefits soon.

in the pursuit of Better,

– Prüvit HQ”

If you are not familiar with SmartShip, it is a way that existing and new Pruvit customers can sign up to get KETO//OS and other Pruvit products automatically delivered to them every month, and in return they receive a large discount on that product.

As you can see in the shopping cart example below, a $130.00 box of KETO//OS NAT receives $28.60 off after the 22% off SmartShip discount is applied. There is no limit to how many products which can be discounted on SmartShip and can be cancelled at any time.

The only restriction is that the SmartShip discount doesn’t apply until your first order automatically ships the following month. This is to reward those who are loyal customers to the program.

Pruvit Keto OS Smartship Discount

Pruvit Smartship Features

Smartship Discount

All Pruvit SmartShip orders will receive a 22% discount* on applicable products.

Free Product

In addition to the 22% discount, for every 3 consecutive months of processed SmartShip orders we will ship free product* with the 4th month’s SmartShip order.

pruvit smartship free product

*Free product will vary month to month. No defined quantity or value.

Order Now & Save!

NOTE: Starting from September 14, 2017, the 10% discount offered on one-time orders for Customers and Promoters who set up SmartShip will no longer be applied.


How do I change the products I want in my Smartship for the next Smartship order?
I tried to change to a different product and
I thought I changed it successfully to a different product for the next month’s Smartship order. Bit, I received the same previous product in my next Smartship order!!

Ive been buying since April and have never gotten a free box of the ketones I order with smart ship. How do I get the free product?

If you are in the UK or EU then you will receive a credit for a free box. Due to COVID shipping delays stock is limited which is why Pruvit has giving the credit in Pruvit bucks rather than shipping a box with the smartship order. You can always reach out to if you need further assistance.

Pruvit has been able to catch up on shipping delays to the distribution center in the Netherlands. For those living in the UK and EU, starting from November 2020 you’ll be eligible for the free box of ketones.

I live in Toronto Canada and see that on the US website you can buy flavours like Blueberry Acai, Mango Tango and Blackberry Pineapple. Will these ever be available for purchase in Canada???

How can I purchase product while I’m waiting for my smartship? I ran out last week and would like to stay on track with my fitness/diet plan

Hi Claudia, no, you only get one free box every 4th month you are on SmartShip. There is also a free product program you can take advantage of as well. As a customer if you are on smartship, and you refer the product to two people and they are also on smartship, you’ll get your smartship order free every month that you and the two people you referred stay on Smartship. So you can get your product free each month, plus get an extra free box every 4th month. Are you currently a customer of Pruvit?

Hi guys,
I have now ordered your Ketone product (Keto//os) for 4 months, on SmartShip. Is there any information on my profile, in ‘Manage’ my order (or anywhere else) that indicates I am now due for free product? I am not sure where to look, or where any discount would be indicated? Thanks

One place you can look is when logged in to your customer account, look under “manage” and then “order history.” You will then select the invoice and look for something that says “*Free* SmartShip Mystery Gift” in the description of the invoice.

Keep in mind that in order to qualify for the free product you must have been on SmartShip for 3 months in a row to receive the free product on the 4th month.

30 packets would put the cost at about $180 + tax and shipping. 20 packets keeps the cost down. Plus there are monthly 15% off sales and adding to smartship can save 22% off. The refer 2 friends program also provides a way for the buyer to get their product free every month by simply referring 2 people on smartship.

I have two boxes a month on smartship. When I signed up I was under the impression that it was a matched box of KETONES for each smartship…. I got a box of Kreme… which has NO ketones for starters. And I only got one box! $1200 that I have spent with this company and you can only spring for 1 box of Kreme? I am super disappointed with this company at his point. I thought this was a company that took care of its loyal customers. I was looking forward to those promised extra ketones. I will be returning what I can, filing a claim through my credit card and getting a refund for what I can for lies and false claims.

Hey Megan, sorry to hear about your situation, however, we are not Pruvit corporate. Reach out to the corporate support team at Keep in mind that the Pruvit SmartShip program does clearly state that, “*Free product will vary month to month. No defined quantity or value.”

What we have observed is that the free product given away is random. We’ve seen people on SmartShip for one box of Kreme ($85 value) and get a full box of Orange Dream 2.1, which is $160 value, almost twice the price of a box of Keto Kreme. And while the Keto Kreme doesn’t contain exogenous ketones, it does contain MCT powder which your body will produce ketones from. It’s actually one of our favorite products!

If done right, customers can save big on SmartShip.

For example, a full retail price box of KETO//OS Max is $130… at 22% off SmartShip discount is= $101.40. Factor in all 4 months of SmartShip orders ($405.60) with the Free Box (ranges from $85 – $160), then price averages out to $405.60 / 5 boxes = $81.12 per box. That’s a $48.88 discount per box for a total savings of $586.56 per year.

Let’s say the customer only orders every other month… At full price, 6 months X $130 box (6 boxes) = $780 per year. Or they could go on SmartShip for 8 months out of the year (get 2 free boxes) and pay only $811.20. That’s only $31.20 more for an EXTRA 4 BOXES of Product!!… from what they were already spending.

Thanks for the response. However in the above comments its stated that “The free product will be one box matched to your current smartship order”. I was questioning because both my team member and I received the Chocolate Swirl.

Thanks for pointing that out (fixed it). That was posted when the first batch of free product started shipping out was matched to what was ordered. That has since proven to not be the case. Pruvit has made it random now. I’m sure it could also change in the future which is why Pruvit left it open ended with this statement, “*Free product will vary month to month. No defined quantity or value.”

The Good news is, it’s a full free box of ketones, and not some sort of mug or other simple gift.

I received chocolate swirl for my free item, however I order Keto Max every month. Will i receive the Max next time if qualify.

Hi Nicole, it is a random free box no matter what your smartship products are. One time you may get Chocolate 3.0, the next time could be Keto//OS Max or even the Orange Dream 2.1.

what is going to be the free product? Thought I would get free Keto but it sounds like it could be anything something as simple as a mug. I was told wrong by my supplier/referral. This is sad indeed if that is true

It’s definitely not just a mug. The free product will be one box matched to your current smartship order. For example, if you order a box of 20 packets of KETO//OS Max on smartship, you’ll get a free box of KETO//OS Max on your 4th month (UPDATE: Pruvit has now began to ship out a random selection of product for the free product. So by adding KETO//OS Max to your smartship does NOT guarantee that you will get the Max product as your free box).

Staying on Smartship is the way to save!

Hi Karry, you will need to setup the smarship in your back office, but once you have done that, the free product gets shipped automatically with your 4th month smartship order, as long as you stay on smartship during that entire time. If you aren’t a Pruvit customer yet, you can purchase via our affiliate link here… We get a small commission off of each purchase. 🙂

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