Pruvit Achieves DSN Global 100 List Of Top Direct Selling Companies

With a combination of amazing products, community, and leadership, Pruvit has been able to achieve the renowned DSN global 100 list of direct selling companies.

In just 2.5 years, Pruvit has grown at the amazing rate it takes in order to achieve the ranks of the DSN Global 100 list. Pruvit came in at #67 to be exact, with 214 million in revenue in 2017, while only being established in three countries (USA, Canada, and Australia). Pruvit is currently only 1 of 5 established direct selling companies to grow by over 100,000,000 million in revenue for 2017.

Pruvit Top 100 DSN List

Pruvit has been leading the charge with high quality ketone-based products, research, and technologies. And because of their investment in new ways to make exogenous ketones better, they have been able to continually develop proprietary formulas that are unmatched by the industry competition. Pruvit is expected to release a ketone-based energy drink, protein shake, and electrolyte by the end of 2018. They are also expected to launch in Mexico and select European countries.

CEO, Brian Underwood, had this to say about the announcement via his Facebook page

“Honored to have Prüvit listed on the DNS Global 100 companies!

We had an incredible year last year but there is so much more to come and much more to Prüv!

Pushing to be the #1 company not just a top 100 . Here’s to all of you who have helped make OUR company one of the best. Yes, OUR company. Because YOU played a part in getting us there. Thank you. Let’s keep pursuing BETTER!”

Expect Pruvit to continue to climb the ranks in 2018, as they are already making month over month record breaking growth as the company continues to expand into other markets, and as the popularity of ketone-based supplements continues to rise.

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