Pruvit 12 Days Of Christmas Sale!

Tis’ the season to save on Ketones during the Pruvit 12 Days of Christmas Sale!

For those of you who missed out on the Pruvit Black Friday sale, now is your chance to take advantage of these 12 DAYS of savings on amazing ketone-based products. You’ll save on everything from Keto Reboot kits to Pruvit’s flagship product, Keto OS.

Each day there will be a new promo, so be ready to save for the holidays and hit the link below to discover the latest offer via the Pruvit online store!

12 Days of Christmas offers for 2020:

DAY 1: 22% Off NAT Oh Mai Tai

DAY 2: 22% Off Keto//COS Orange Dream

DAY 3: 22% Off NAT Harvest Sunrise

DAY 4: 22% Off Signal Defense + Pürify

DAY 5: 22% Off NAT Melon Blast

DAY 6: 22% Off PRO Birthday Cake + 22% Off Storewide

DAY 7: 22% Off NAT Blackberry Pineapple

DAY 8: 22% Off KETO KREME Pumpkin Spice + 22% Off Storewide

DAY 9: 22% Off PRO Caramel Cold Brew

DAY 10: 22% Off NAT Dessert Series

DAY 11: 22% Off PRO Blueberry Muffin

DAY 12: 22% Off KETO KREME Peppermint Mocha + 22% Off Storewide

BONUS DAY! 22% Off NAT Pom Berry

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