Is It Possible To Have A Ketone Overdose?

Given that exogenous ketones are a powerful supplement, and the benefits are plenty, it’s common to ask whether it’s possible to have a ketone overdose.

The short answer is, no.

The reason is, ketone supplements such as, KETO//OS, are water soluble. That means the ketones won’t be stored or converted to fat in the body. If you take, or have too many ketones in your body at one time, the ketones will simply be eliminated via the urine. Therefore, there is no possible way to have a ketone overdose.

However, you will want to still closely monitor your ketone usage so that you aren’t simply wasting product through the urine. Most people find that 2 servings a day is enough to get a therapeutic level of use. To find out for sure, there are a couple different ways you can test your body’s ketone levels to make sure the ketone product you are taking is working like it should be.

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