3 Reasons Keto OS is the Highest Quality Ketone Supplement

With the popularity of the keto diet on the rise, various ketone supplements are popping up around the globe.

What makes a quality ketone supplement?

What is it exactly that makes a quality ketone supplement? This is a common question that people are asking. The high amount of new ketone products on the market can make the decision process difficult as to which one to buy. Not all ketones are created equally.

We recommend Keto OS NAT as the best ketone supplement out on the market. And to help you decide, here are 3 reasons that set Pruvit’s Keto OS apart from other ketone supplements:

1. The type of isomer that is contained in the ketone supplement.

When it comes to exogenous ketones there are two different types of isomers. There are d-isomers, and l-isomers. Many of the other ketone supplements out on the market are using a mixture of these D and L isomers.

What the scientific literature for the past several decades has shown is that the d-Isomer is the most active isomer. It’s the isomer that this the most active component in creating ketone responses that get results.

The l-isomer on the other hand, is kind of a nerf. It doesn’t really do much, and there is not much to it.

So the issue here, is that these other supplement companies out there that are using a D/L isomer combination for their ketone salts are really giving you a half-baked product. Studies have also shown that the l-isomer can actually inhibit some the the good d-isomer’s active processes.

In light of that, ketone products containing the l-isomers can be giving you less than half the benefits you’d get with a d-isomer focused product like KETO//OS.

2. The process in which the ketone supplement is made.

The manufacturing process and how the ketones are made can have a profound effect on the quality of the ketones. When ketones are made synthetically there is a bi-product called, crotonic acid, that can give the ketones a lower quality and high acidity.

Crotonic acid is a chemical that is known to be in products like hair spray, plastics, and different polymers. The higher the PH in a ketone supplement will result in a higher crotonic acid, and therefore lowering the quality of the ketones.

KETO//OS is made in a patented process that prohibits high PH and acidity from becoming an issue.

3. How well is the ketone supplement being scientifically tested?

One of the most important parts in product development is testing. It’s important to consider, is the product being put to the test?

Is the supplement company testing for things such as heavy metals, banned substances, artificial sweetners, ect? Does the company have the right certifications showing transparency of the product ingredients?

Pruvit stands out in this regard in making sure to test KETO//OS and other ketone supplements they offer. Pruvit is actively involved in testing KETO//OS in a wide variety of conditions. Pruvit is also actively involved with the top thought leaders in furthering ketone research and education.

KETO//OS is proprietary formula that is lab tested, doctor approved, and is CFA (certificate of analysis) certified. The product is extensively tested so that anyone from a high performance athlete, to the average person, can safely consume the product and know that they are getting high quality ketones.

Check out the official Pruvit document on the full benefits of KETO//OS.

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